8 forms of giftedness – and you can be highly gifted in any of them

HSP-8 forms intelligenceIn my last 3 blogs you could read about similarities between (high)sensitivity and giftedness. Both qualities exhibit some astonishing resemblances, face similar challenges in society and may have a hard time to ‘don’t worry, be happy’.

What also caught my attention is the fact that giftedness (or high intelligence) is a very broad field and that you can be gifted in different ways. This surprised me, in a way, and strongly reminded me of the diversity in characteristics that can be found in high sensitivity, too.

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10 alarming challenges of society for both (high) sensitive and (highly) gifted persons

HSP-HighlyGifted-Common-4When researching happiness in HSP for my book ‘Expedition Highsensitivity’, I was thrilled to discover that (high) sensitive (HS) people have many personality traits in common with (highly) gifted (HG) people. Some of these trait combinations can set either ‘group’ apart from society. Particularly specific combinations of traits than lead to, for example, ‘awkward’ social situations or psychic abilities can be challenging for gifted or sensitive people.


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5 astonishing similarities between (high) sensitive and (highly) gifted people.


When researching happiness in HSP I was thrilled to discover that gifted people also feel emotions intensely, are creative ‘thinkers’ and  ‘doer’s’ and can act ‘awkward’ in social interactions. I am so fascinated that I want to learn more about the similarities. I discovered that some of the traits of (highly) gifted people set them apart from others in society, just like with (high) sensitive people. These traits are not obviously connected to the characteristics which are generally used to define giftedness, namely intelligence, IQ, or creativity.

It was a feast of recognition to compare typical trains of (high( sensitive people to those considered characteristic for (highly) gifted souls.

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6 reasons why simply being happy can be a challenge for (high) sensitive people

Girl is dreaming christmas dressing elf accessories

During the research for my book about High Sensitivity (hopefully out in October), I discovered that the characteristics of (high) sensitivity and gifted people can overlap. Both are sensitive, feel emotions intensely, have a high level of consciousness and are creative thinkers and doers. You can find 4 astonishing similarities in the next blog article (online on May 24th), but for now I will focus on similarities between (high)sensitives and (highly) gifted people when it comes to happiness.

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