Ben je (hoog)gevoelig en op zoek naar meer balans in je leven?

Ben je (hoog)gevoelig en op zoek naar meer balans in je leven? (Workshop)

Doe mee aan deze workshop en ervaar meer veerkracht door praktische en makkelijk toepasbare oefeningen, die je overal kunt doen.

Waarom deze workshop voor HSP/s?

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Challenge fotomoment geluk

Meer geluk in je leven? Doe de challenge!

Challenge #1: Fotomoment Geluk

Vandaag deel ik een van mijn favoriete oefening om je dagelijkse geluk te vergroten.

Vaak raken we verstrikt in de lelijkheid van het leven. Als je bijvoorbeeld uitgeput bent geraakt door een ruzie met een vriend of geliefde. Of je hebt het nieuws gelezen of ingelogd op sociale media. Of je hebt een lastig gesprek met vrienden gehad waarbij jullie van mening verschilden. Al deze situaties kunnen je energie uitputten en je gedachten negatief laten worden.

Maar daar kun je iets tegen doen!

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What is a HSP (high sensitive person)? 12 quick answers

Many people who know about HSP come and ask me for tips about living with their sensitivity. Or they ask for help to increase their energy level, decrease the amount of stimuli they take in or for assistance in exploring the up-side of this characteristic. 

But people who have never heard of HSP give me a surprised glare when I mention what the book I’ve been writing is about.

It is for them that I compiled some concise answers to commonly asked questions to satisfy their curiosity.

You are high sensitive yourself? You, too, might find some interesting new answers here, so keep on reading.

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Top 5 must-knows about de-stressing your life as a highly sensitive person (HSP)

Are-you-high-sensitive-and-looking-for-elegant-ways-to-de-stress-your-life?Read-this-article,-find-out-about-simple-adaptations-and-share-your-own!Survival secrets for a relaxed and fulfilling life

I’ve written about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) on this blog for a year and a half now, and each time I’m surprised and grateful for the genuine interest with which people contact me about HSP. The massive interests in HSP at the most unexpected places – the supermarket, school of my children – my sport studio! – is an enormous motivation for me to carry on spreading the word; Yes, as a HSP you might see and sense things around you – and within you – differently, but please, by all means: carry on doing so! We need every sensitive and aware person we can get to help making this world a more innovative, creative and peaceful place.

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