Is there a biological basis for high sensitivity? 4 arguments and a philosophical note.

2.8. Science BologyDespite the fact that high sensitivity (HS) has been attracting attention for 20 years, today there is still a discussion today about whether HS is an undeniable property, or a disease, and whether it ‘exists at all’. The available (scientific) evidence is not yet 100% accepted.

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10 practical and fun tips for living with (high) sensitive children

HSPBuitenspelenInteresting, I said to myself: If I talk to others about the experiences we have with our respective children, at school or in every-day life, I am often surprised if the behavior of a child is being categorized as ‘odd’, ‘weak’ or ‘undesirable’. While the same behavior, to me, is just a perfectly normal and natural outing of being ‘(high) sensitive’. If I mention this to the grown-up I’m talking to this can get me the most diverse reactions. They range from comments like ‘Interesting –  tell me more’ to ‘If they stay so sensitive they will never get anywhere in life-so they better harden up’ to “Is this curable?’. Apparently, there is still much confusion about the phenomenon being (high) sensitive) and I think it’s time to give it some more thought, especially with respect to (high) sensitive children.

Let’s start by challenging your view on ‘difficult’ children who are (high) sensitive using a wonderful quote:

“… it is primarily parenting that decides whether the expression of sensitivity  will be an advantage or a source of anxiety.” Elaine Aron, PhD

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