8 points how technology changes the brain (high sensitive or not).

8-tips-brain-changeThe use of technology has become so normal to most of us that a life without it is nearly unthinkable. The effect of technology use on our life in general and our brain in particular certainly depending on how we use different forms of technology and how sensitive we are to peer pressure, overstimulation and electronic fog.

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10 reasons why being trendy is a piece of cake for (high) sensitive persons

During my research about (high) sensitivity I came to understand that may of the qualities of (high) sensitive people are cut out for embracing today’s most cutting edge trends – without even making an effort! That’s when the idea came to me to share this connection between ‘trendiness’ and ‘(high) sensitivity with you.

  • Are you interested in trends?
  • Do you know which trends are ‘hot’ at the moment?
  • Or do you even care about being trendy?

visionarykI certainly never cared about any of the above.

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