10 alarming challenges of society for both (high) sensitive and (highly) gifted persons

HSP-HighlyGifted-Common-4When researching happiness in HSP for my book ‘Expedition Highsensitivity’, I was thrilled to discover that (high) sensitive (HS) people have many personality traits in common with (highly) gifted (HG) people. Some of these trait combinations can set either ‘group’ apart from society. Particularly specific combinations of traits than lead to, for example, ‘awkward’ social situations or psychic abilities can be challenging for gifted or sensitive people.


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A simple and effective Japanese method to relax in 5 minutes-a lifesaver for HSP


In spite of our best efforts, we all experience a certain amount of stress as part of our daily life. As an HSP you might be particularly sensitive to (potentially) stressful moments. While a little bit of stress might just kick-start you to become your very best (just like a good cup of café might do, kick- starting you in the morning), excessive stress can interfere with normal daily activities and take a toll on your personal lives and health.

But this need not be the case. Today. I would like to invite you to try an ancient Japanese technique of self-relaxation that will not take you more than 5 minutes a day and can be done just about anywhere.

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Ja, ik geef persoonlijke groei cadeau


Heb je plannen om de kerstdagen door te brengen met geliefden, familie en vrienden? Wil je ze graag verrassen met een leuk cadeau? Geef dan eens iets anders dan een standaard doos bonbons, een nieuwe stropdas of gewoon geld. Geef eens een ervaring!

Een ervaring is uniek en persoonlijk, je kunt het niet kwijt raken en het is ook duurzaam. En ook belangrijk: een ervaring kan je leven een beslissende draai geven in de richting die jij op wilt.

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7 effective tips for (high) sensitive persons to improve health and happiness

HSPGEzondEtenHartjesTo be at your healthiest and most productive, especially as an HSP, you need to really take good care of yourself. Because from taking good care of yourself , your body and mind will be in harmony and this brings the energy you need to feel truly happy, productive and resilient. Life the will not seem so challenging or painful but fun and full of possibilities.3

Most HSPs are very much aware of the subtleties in their environment, which of course also includes their own bodies. They immediately can tell when something is ‘out of balance’. Headaches, muscle and joint pains, and general malaise are all signals from the body saying ‘attention –  we have problem’. And as a true (high) sensitive people you often answer the call. Remember:

 You Are What You Eat — But You Eat What You Are

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