Holistic medicine – Where today’s scientific methods fall short

(Part 2 of the trilogy, August 3rd)

Early microscope: ‘It’s a mammoth!’ (By Gary Larson)

After the little historic excursion two weeks ago we’ve now arrived at today’s world of science. Even for those among you who are aware of the theories about non-material reality, one big challenge remains: how do you PROVE to a critical public that non-material processes exist?

Modern scientific experiments are based on experimental set-ups that are often very specialized and designed to prove a particular hypothesis, a statement if you like.

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Holistic medicine – superpower or superstition?

Eric Pearl and Anke Weber Smit during the celebration of ONE YEAR ALTERNATIVE TRONDHEIM

(Part 1 of the trilogy) (July 20th)

Since I started my career switch in 2010, I get many questions about how I, as a scientist, can work with something ‘vague’ as holistic medicine.

This is obviously a topic that intrigues many. I, in turn, find it fun to explain why it has been so exciting for me to dive into researching the phenomenon ‘holistic treatment’. And why it makes me feel like a conquering pioneer rather than an unworldly trickster.

Let me invite all you sceptics, curious people and believers out there to join my adventure!

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10 reasons why being trendy is a piece of cake for (high) sensitive persons

During my research about (high) sensitivity I came to understand that may of the qualities of (high) sensitive people are cut out for embracing today’s most cutting edge trends – without even making an effort! That’s when the idea came to me to share this connection between ‘trendiness’ and ‘(high) sensitivity with you.

  • Are you interested in trends?
  • Do you know which trends are ‘hot’ at the moment?
  • Or do you even care about being trendy?

visionarykI certainly never cared about any of the above.

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10 must-know misconceptions about (high) sensitive people

MIsvattingTwo weeks ago we’ve learned a lot about the advantages of being a (high) sensitive person . Remember, about 1/ 5 of all people would qualify as highly sensitive. (High) sensitives are people with particular genetic characteristic that makes them keenly attuned to the world around them. Because (high) sensitive people process sensory input more deeply than others, they tend to be more empathetic and thoughtful. They might be easily overstimulated and require (regular) breaks of peace and quiet to reload their energy balance.

Today I would like to expose the most common, regrettable misconceptions about (high) sensitive people.

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