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1) Dealing with psychological and emotional fears ‘I was in great physical pain when I started with a ‘healing journey’ with Anke and that pain has since disappeared completely. Also fear and other issues are completely gone and I am strong, confident and feel completely alive. I want to thank her for the help and healing that she has given me. In a very difficult and uncertain period in my life she helped me so much to turn that experience into something positive.’ – B. Schippers, IT specialist

2) ‘I have consulted quite a few people in connection with alternative therapies and I quickly discovered that Anke is a person beyond the ordinary. Highly recommended!’ – Øyvind Blomstereng, photographer)

3) ‘It is going well and I feel better in all areas. I feel almost reborn. It is true that I have experienced a violent time and I have always been a loner, a bit different from the rest. It is very special that I have received a very specific answer from Anke about something that has kept me busy during the last week – without her knowing it. 🙂 ‘ – A. Berrez, Software tester, distance treatment