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Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing supports people on their way to a healthier, more confident and more relaxed way of life. This new manner of healing suits the hectic times that we are finding ourselves in at present. It is a special way to reconnect with our own strength.

Reconnective Healing is a powerful yet gentle method of treatment whereby healing is brought about by connecting your innermost being with the grandeur of the universe. This new form of energy is suitable for everyone, with or without symptoms. All levels of our system can be addressed: physical, mental, emotional and / or spiritual. Reconnective Healing also reduces stress and allows a deep relaxation of the body. In short, it refines the healthy relationship with your inner self (and thus your physical body), stimulates personal growth and lets you reclaim your original power.

Reconnective healing: € 75 (session of + 60 minutes).
Distance healing: € 75 (including personal voice message afterwards).
“The Reconnection”: € 333 (2 sessions of approx. 90 minutes).