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5Coaching is a collective name for exploring, tackling and managing various questions in life. It can be used for challenges, fears and physical, emotional or mental complaints. You can also get in contact with coach to speed up your own development or if you are looking for more purpose and meaning in your life.

I offer coaching through different approaches, where I intuitively determine, in agreement with the client, which approach we choose for this particular situations at this particular time. During the coaching my quality to listen carefully to what is actually being said – and what remains unsaid – has often helped to turn the client’s understanding around.

My expert area is coaching (highly) sensitive people of all ages and their families. (See also my book ‘Ontdekkingsreis Hoogsensitiviteit’ (Expedition high sensitivity).

Furthermore, my interests comprise connecting ‘spirituality’ and science in order to facilitate a cross-pollination of these two wonderful, yet in our time so vigorously alienated fields.

Consult: € 75, – (per session of +/- 60 minutes).
E-mail / Skype / telephone consultation: € 75, – (per session of +/- 60 minutes).
E-mail consultation Bach flowers: € 20, – (plus shipping of the bottle).