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Twenty eight Powerful Thoughts

Author Dr. Anke Weber Smit, author of the Expedition High Sensitivity, is back with a refreshing collection of short, inspiring stories.

Twenty-eight powerful thoughts examines the power of thoughts in 28 surprising observations.

“Eighteen years ago I came into contact with a special woman. The contact with this woman and her wisdom opened a new world for me. I discovered the power of thought, the world of the metaphysical and the art of energy work. This way of working was exactly the opposed to my earlier career in research where the focus was mainly on analytical thinking.”

Over the years, the relationship turned into a close friendship and I carefully started experimenting myself with methods such as intention targeting, visualization and intuitive energy work.

“I learned how to free myself from the emotional pain. For the first time I became master of my thoughts and emotions and felt an enormous freedom.”

In this book I share the most beautiful twenty-eight stories about the Power of Thought that I have experienced in the past 18 years.

All these stories are all examples of how quickly a small change in your usual perception can change your outlook on life.

Expected release: June 2020

Language: Dutch