Coaching is a collective name for exploring, tackling and managing various questions in life. It can be used for challenges, fears and physical, emotional or mental complaints. You can also get in contact with coach to speed up your own development or if you are looking for more purpose and meaning in your life.

‘Twenty-eight powerful thoughts’ (book)

Author Dr. Anke Weber Smit, author of the Expedition High Sensitivity, is back with a refreshing collection of short, inspiring stories.
Twenty-eight powerful thoughts examines the power of thoughts in 28 surprising observations.

Schools and companies

As a professional coach and former scientist I give inspiring, interactive presentations tailor-made for my respective public.
My background as an ecologist helps me to address themes and challenges that are important for your organization.


I regularly organize workshops, give lectures and other meet-ups, activities and personal coaching.
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Anke inspires people  to get to know themselves better, to accept themselves and to find their personal power.

She does this through individual coaching, workshops and interactive lectures. Her work is easily accessible to everyone who is curious and wants to get more out of themselves.

  • Do you struggle to keep calm when it gets busy?
  • Do you prefer internal to external solutions for problem solving?
  • Are you looking to calm down the constant bussing of thoughts your head?
  • Do you tend to worry? Are you having problems sleeping?
  • Do you often blame yourself for the most diverse situations?
  • Do you want to say goodbye to your guilt (s)?
  • Are you looking for a way to take your health more into your own hands?
  • Are you ready for the next step in your personal development?
  • Are you convinced that there is ‘more’ to life than you’ve discovered so far?
  • Do you have an inquiring mind with a healthy dose of skepticism?

Then Anke is looking forward to meeting you.

‘Gezonder & gelukkiger door zelf-bewust-zijn’


Healing stories

Read some of the ‘Healing stories’ experienced thanks to Reconnective Healing

“I had no particular physical problems and was just curious what Reconnective healing is. I had been a stay-at home mum by choice for some years. As the kids had become teenagers I’d done a 4-year study to be a dietician. Having been off the grid I had serious concerns that I could make my career work. After my session with Anke I noticed that my worries about my career had vanished. I was all confident that I’m good enough to attract clients and help them in a meaningful way. As if I’m suddenly able to trust in my own value. ”
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“I worked on him for about 15 minutes, then they left. 1 week later I received a phonecall from the mother: She told me that her son’s face was symmetrical again! Within two days after the Reconnective Healing session everyone around them had commented on his face being totally normal again!”
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‘Zien zonder ogen’= zien met je bewustzijn

‘Zien zonder ogen’= zien met je bewustzijn

'Met onze fysieke ogen kunnen we noch geduld noch woede, noch jaloezie noch hebzucht waarnemen, maar alleen hun weerspiegelingen. Maar als ik naar een persoon kijk met de ogen van de geest, dan neem ik zijn gedachten (…), waar als heldere kleuren.’ Ptah-kefer, De...

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Waarnemen als hooggevoelige – de 5 clusters

Waarnemen als hooggevoelige – de 5 clusters

Sommige zeggen dat ongeveer 15 tot 20% van de mensheid (hoog) gevoelig is. Dat is circa iedere vijfde of zesde persoon. Omgerekend zijn dat ongeveer twee spelers per elftal, twee tot drie ministers van het kabinet, vijf tot zes kinderen in een klas van dertig kinderen...

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10 geweldige redenen om je intuïtie te ontwikkelen

10 geweldige redenen om je intuïtie te ontwikkelen

Ik ben zelf een grote fan van werken met intuïtie. Gewoon omdat ik het altijd ‘juist’ heb als ik mijn beslissingen en keuzes neem op basis van deze eerlijke communicatie met de informatie om me heen en mijn eigen wijsheid. Nog nooit heb ik spijt gehad van een...

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