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Methods: Energetic Psychology

In Energetic Psychology psychological problems are treated via the bioenergy systems. The energy systems can be emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems are based on the electrical activities of the nervous system, the heart, the meridians, etc.

Exceeding standard therapeutic elements such as rapport, listening and discussion, Energy Psychology also involves techniques that target the underlying energetic aspects of the problem through techniques like slight tapping, visualization, use of affirmations, expressed intentions and assertions, and more. Many approaches to Energy Psychology also focus on the relationship among bioenergy, consciousness, thought, intentionality, and spirituality. With Energy Psychology often observable and measurable results are achieved rapidly and usually without causing unnecessary emotional distress or averse reactions.


What can Energetic Psychology do for you?
Energetic Psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas including counseling, education, vocational guidance, physical health, pain management, sports and peak performance.
The methods I use most often and have wonderful results with are EFT (Emotional freedom technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Healing (Interactive – Reconnective – RAW).I have been approved by The Norwegian Healer Association (Det Norske Healerforbund) since 2011.