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High Sensitivity

When I talk to people about the term ‘(high) sensitivity’ I get the most diverse reactions. They vary from reactions like “I have never heard of,” to “If you are too sensitive in life you’ll go down!”. I also hear comments like “Do you have to treat them as a raw egg?”, or “Can high sensitivity be cured?”
Scientific research shows that 1 in 5 people is high sensitive. This means that their system to absorbe stimuli is relatively more sensitive. This entails that (highly) sensitive people receive more information. A natural consequence of this heightened information intake can be over-stimulation. Which in turn may lead to discomforts such as stress or physical complaints.

What is High Sensitivity?

If you are not familiar with (high) sensitivity, such discomforts can easily be confused with symptoms of social anxiety, ADHD or depression.

Fortunately, more and more is known about what (high) sensitivity is and how (highly) sensitive people experience their environment. And hands-on approaches of how to help a (highly) sensitive child to blossom are readily available for parents, educators or teachers.

Do you think you might be (high) sensitive or do you want to learn more about it?
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