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Meditation Station

You missed our meditation on Thursday evening? Or you just want to meditate even more? Then there is good news for you! Enjoy and I’m looking forward to ‘feeling’ you there!

What is the Meditation Station?

The meditation station is a brand new and unique concept which allows people from all walks of life
and at all places in the world to connect via the energy that connects everyone and everything.”

This is a virtual station where you can tank energy (like you can tank petrol at a petrol station) or you can tune in to lots of good vibes, like you can with a radio station where hundreds of people listen to the same tune at the same time but at different places.

The idea is that eventually people from all over the world join in, and therefore English is the easiest way to reach out to everyone who’s interested in participating. So far we’ve reached

The Netherlands – Norway – Germany – Turky – Curaçao

How does it work?
By meditating together with a group of people you will be able to experience personal benefits (your meditation will most likely be deeper than you are used to, and / or you will reach a truly relaxed state more quickly). You will also make a difference on a larger scale since your meditating efforts will be exponentially enhanced by your fellow meditators !! This can create effects beyond everything that you have considered possible so far. it has been proven through earlier studies that if a few people meditate they are able to reach 10 times more their own numbers with their intentions! Imagine: If you and the meditation station team meditate for peace in a particular place or situation, fighting, violence and suicide can be reduced. What might happen if the mediation station group meditates on increasing consciousness I can just fantasize…

When do we meet?

Every Thursday at 21.00 hours GMT+2.


You can participate wherever you are at the time.

In general we concentrate on helping to increase consciousness and enhance peace. There might be other themes, if there is reason to take up a particular cause or issue.

And last but not least: It’s absolutely free! Doesn’t cost a thing (=.