10 essential ‘instant Zen’ flower remedies for (high) sensitive person’s emergency use

10ReasonsBachFlowersBeing (high) sensitive has a lot of advantages and may make you quite an avant-garde person. However, as a (high) sensitive contemporary you might happen to find yourself in a situation where you just want to take a break while there is no time (or space) to do so. In that case, the emergency remedies introduced in this article are for you.
Usually there is more than one remedy you can strongly benefit from. That being said you can’t pick the wrong flower remedy and make your situation worse by adding unpleasant side effects to it. That’s because they are homeopathic.


Homeopathy is a medical science developed by the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). It is based on two principles:
1)  “Like cures like”. This means that any substance, which can induce symptoms in a healthy person, can also cure similar symptoms in a person who is sick. This ‘Law of Similars’ was already understood by Hippocrates and Aristotle and mentioned in ancient Hindu manuscripts. However, it was Hahnemann, who developed the science of healing that we know today.
2)  “Minimum Dose”.  This principle implies that one should work with the minimum dose of medicine necessary to evoke a healing response. We all know that normal medicines can cause side effects. In an effort to prevent side effects, Hahnemann began successive dilution with agitation of his medicines, to find the point at which they would be therapeutic, but not toxic.
Brief history
Bach Rescue pictureAfter his first experiments in 1790, Hahnemann taught others his new method of healing and soon homeopathy spread from Germany to the rest of the continent. He produced amazing cures to some of the worst epidemics of the time. By 1829, he was famous throughout Europe. And famous means, that Hahnemann apparently cured 179 of 180 cases during a typhus epidemic in 1813, to name one example. During epidemics, patient survival rates for homeopathic treatments apparently far surpassed  those for conventional treatment. Because of its success in healing the most serious diseases without harm to the patient, homeopathy was soon practiced all over the world. The wealthiest families and the royalty of Europe were early patrons of homeopathy.
Some research results
By now there are many blind and double blind studies proving the effect of homeopathic treatment.  If you have to debate with skeptics, you might like these article  or check out this portal.

Flower remedies

There are many different lines of flower essences, many of which may be extremely helpful not only to sensitives.  I’m introducing Bach remedies ( a specific company producing flower remedies) here that I’ve personally experienced as very effective. You may also find other essence lines helpful.
My own experience with Bach flower remedies are various and very good. When I first got in contact with this method in 2001 (‘Rescue remedy’) I could not believe what it did for me: for the first time in ages I was able to spend an hour just sitting on our sofa in the living room and feeling happy. No need to do something ‘useful’’, no need to ‘run of some extra energy / stress’, nothing. I could just sit there perfectly happy and enjoy myself.
What I like about the Flower Remedies is that you can use them all the time, there is no danger of ’overdosing’, you can use them for your children and even for babies since they have no side effects. Even treating a sick cat once I had wonderful results!
With very sensitive people it might even be enough to let them hold the bottle containing the essence to make them feel calmer and better.
For sensitive souls in emergency situations, I recommend:

  1. Agrimony – mental torture behind a cheerful face
  2. Aspen – fear of unknown things
  3. Cerato – lack of trust in your own decisions
  4. Elm – overwhelmed by responsibility
  5. Gorse – hopelessness and despair
  6. Mustard – deep gloom for no reason
  7. Red chestnut Red Chestnut – over-concern for the welfare of loved ones
  8. Rock Rose – terror and fright
  9. Star of Bethlehem – shock
  10. Walnut – protection from change and unwanted influences


Emergency top – 10


  1. Agrimony
    Bach Agrimony


This is the remedy for people who keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness. The sad clown masking inner hurt by being the life and soul of the party. Agrimony helps you to come to terms with the darker side of our life and personality. You won’t lose your sense of humor or our ability to get through the day, but you will find that laughing at your troubles dispels them rather than hides them. Agrimony helps anyone who is trying to avoid facing a trouble and uses jokes and false smiles to avoid a painful reality.

  1. Aspen

This is the remedy for any fear with an unknown cause. Aspen fear ranges from an uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen all the way to real terror, with physical symptoms such as the hair standing on end.

  1. Cerato

This remedy is for people who lack faith in their judgement. You have no trouble making a decision. Yet problems come after the decision is made. You start having doubts and are  no longer sure if your decision is right. You might ask around for the opinions and advice of others, and end up confused or doing something that your heart knows is not right. Cerato helps to have more faith in your judgement so that you can listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition.

  1. Elm
    Bach Elm


If you suffer a temporary loss of confidence due to the overwhelming amount of responsibility you have taken on this is your remedy. Genuine Elm types are people who are successful and carrying out work they believe in, but at times the burden brings them down and they feel that they will not be able to cope. The remedy helps to dispel these feelings so that you can resume our lives without thought of failure.

  1. Gorse

If you have given up belief and hope, if you  willfully refuse to be encouraged because you are certain that your case is hopeless –  try Gorse. Gorse is the remedy of choice when you have lost faith. If you can be persuaded to see things in a different light there is usually a way forward. This is what the Gorse remedy helps to achieve.

  1. Mustard

Mustard is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky. In this state you may list all the reasons you can come up with to feel happy and contented, but still everything looks black and hopeless to you. The remedy helps to dispel the clouds so that you can once again appreciate the joy and peace in your life.

  1. Red Chestnut
    Bach redChestnut

    Red Chestnut

You feel much fear for the well-being of others? Try Red Chestnut. It helps the husband who is afraid when his wife goes out alone after dark as well as the mother fretting over what may happen to her child at school. Red Chestnut fears are natural, normal concerns magnified to the point where they have a negative effect on the people who are the object of concern, undermining their confidence and self-belief.

  1. Rock Rose

Rock Rose is the remedy against terror. If you having being a panicky, terror-struck fear that makes logical thoughts and decisions next to impossible. Rock Rose provides calm and courage. You will be able again to forget fear as your courage is renewed.

  1. Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem is the remedy for the after-effects of shock, such as is caused by unexpected bad news or any unexpected and unwelcome event. This remedy can also be used for the effects of a shock received many years ago, even very early in childhood. Use Star of Bethlehem if you suffer from that sense of emptiness and loss that sometimes occurs when a loved one dies or moves away.

  1. Walnut
    Bach Walnut


Protection against outside influences in general, and against the effects of change in particular are the areas that you can use the Walnut remedy for. As a remedy against the effects of change, Walnut is useful at all the transition points in life, from birth to teething to going to school to puberty to marriage to childbearing to retirement and beyond. It helps break links with the past so that we can move forward more easily.
Now we’ve reached the end of my top-10 list of emergency remedies. And last but not least: if you don’t want to think but just want an aid here and now, I highly recommend Bach’s ‘Rescue Remedy’,  a combination of 5 Bach Flower Essence excellent for stressful times, ranging from being mildly overstimulated to rushing to the emergency room.

More relief

If you are not in an emergency situation but would like to improve your overall wellbeing let me recommend the following remedies. As with all flower remedies, you do not need to go through all the processes that underlie an emotion or an reoccurring pattern. The remedies may also work with your subconscious and aid you there to break down barriers and live a happier life. 

  1. Chestnut Bud – failure to learn from mistakes
  2. Centaury – the inability to say ‘no’
  3. Crab Apple – the cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred
  4. Holly – hatred, envy and jealousy
  5. Honeysuckle – living in the past
  6. Mimulus – fear of known things
  7. Oak – the plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
  8. Olive – exhaustion following mental or physical effors
  9. Sweet Chestnut – Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left
  10. Willow – self-pity and resentment

The remedies can be purchased at many locations including online.

Bach Willow


If you are interested in experiencing their relieving effect yourself but you are unsure which (combination of) flower essences is the most useful or paramount for you, send me an email and I will advise you. If you want more assistance come and see me (or skype with me).
Rests me to learn more from you, so let me ask you some questions:

  • Do you like this approach using flower remedies for regaining energy in emergency situations?
  • Do you have experience with flower remedies yourself? Or with other homeopathic medicine?
  • Which remedy interests you personally the most?
  • Did you have any moment of ‘Ah – I want to try this particular remedy for my situation’?
  • Has your perception of using homeopathic remedies in crisis situations changed? If so –  how?

Let me know!
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