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In de Pers

Aankondiging Oegstgeester Courant. Lezing ‘Hooggevoeligheid; het mysterie ontrafeld’. Lichaam, Geest & Ziel.

Recensie over Hooggevoelighheid lezing in Openbare Montessori School Oegstgeest in schoolkrant Mondjesmaat.

Artikel over ‘kracht van gedachten’ in maandblad ParaVisie.


Maart 2016: boekpresentatie ‘2012: What REALLY happened’, Rijnlandse boekwinkel, Oegstgeest

Klik hier voor recensies:
Schrijver Tibor Zelikovics (‘Zeitwende 2012’)
Yoga docente/ guest editor Anne Devismes: >Wow! I just finished the first pass of the editing of your book! Probably one of the most exciting projects I have worked on< Vrije school lerares Nike Knoblach: >I love this book. It is an interesting human history project. The introduction is promising and arouses curiosity. Excellent structuring and the subject is approached from the most diverse points of view: It is also exciting to read the extensive background chapter about the divergent predictions that were made for 2012.I look forward to reading the whole book.<