I am most excited to present to you this very new book on ‘seeing without eyes’,  or Extra Ocular Vision.

“An Introduction to Non-Ocular Vision Activation, (NOVA),” is an introductory guide exploring the fascinating and often overlooked realm of perception beyond the eyes.

This book was born out of a deep-seated curiosity and a passion for expanding our understanding of human potential. The phenomenon of Extra-Ocular Vision—seeing without the use of the physical eyes— has intrigued researchers, mystics, and curious minds for centuries. Despite its profound implications, there are only a handful of books available in English that delve into this subject in a meaningful and accessible way. This scarcity inspired the creation of this book.

Extra-ocular vision, often relegated to the fringes of scientific inquiry and mainstream discussion, holds significant promise for enhancing human perception and broadening our understanding of consciousness.

My aim is to bring this intriguing topic into the light for English-speaking readers, providing a well-rounded exploration that is both scientifically grounded and practically applicable.

This book seeks to fill a gap in the literature, offering insights drawn viii
from various disciplines, including neuroscience, psychology, and historical accounts, to present a balanced perspective on extraocular vision. It is my hope that this work will arouse interest and inspire further exploration and discussion among readers in English- speaking countries.

Throughout the pages of this book, you will find a blend of scientific research, anecdotal evidence, and practical examples designed to help you explore and develop your own potential for extraocular vision. Whether you are a sceptic, a believer, or simply curious, this book offers a starting point for a journey into the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Together, let us explore the uncharted territories of perception and expand the boundaries of what we know about human vision and consciousness.

With curiosity and enthusiasm, Raymond Thomas Fernando.


Mr. Fernando is the founder of the Ruwan Education Center in New Zealand where students learn to see without their eyes, gather knowledge via their ‘inner screen’ and learn how to read books in minutes.

For the purpose of the book, Mr. Fernando invited me to share my experience as an EOV trainer and practitioner with him. You will also find the English version of the two articles that were pubished in the Dutch Mindstyle Magazine ‘Spiegelbeeld’ ( FAQs ‘Zien zonder Ogen’ ; ‘Zien zonder ogen’=zien met je bewustzijn)


Price: $5,99 on Kindle.

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Want to know more: Watch Mr Fernando in an interview on  : Extra Ocular VIsion / Qauntuum Speed Reading / Midbrain-Activation.

Try it yourself! Find the dates for the next introductionary 2-day intensive training in The Netherlands here.