This video shows what happens if you come to a healing session. It also briefly shows how to enjoy your distance healing session.

It’s easy, safe and direct.

Interactive healing is a form of healing that I’ve developed based on my 10 years of experience with Reconnective Healing, guided meditation and a little special something of myself.

Increasingly clients who came for Reconnective Healing reported that they would like to experience the healing effect on a more notable level and in a more tangible way and be more actively involved instead of receiving a passive healing in silence. Simultaneously, I got very positive feedback about my guided meditation sessions. Participants reported that they experienced a great sense of satisfaction and often spontaneous healings occur. Based on this feedback, I developed a new, integrated approach to healing: Interactive healing. Here I mainly use both the information of light, love and energy of the healing frequencies as well and a more down-to-earth approach based on guided meditation, visualization and acupressure.

People who have experienced Interactive healing are very enthusiastic and often report fantastic breakthroughs. They distinctly experience their own strength in this co-creative process where we work together to improve their health, quality of life and future. This experience of co-creative power is a great eye-opener and confirmation that encourages clients to take control of their lives and take the creation of their own happiness and health into their own hands.

Get ready to make your dreams come true.