tinusWe are moving towards very interesting times. In Bhutan, already the Gross National Happiness (GNH) is considered more important that the Gross National Product (GNP). Now I found out that according to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon the time has come that we no longer measure success only on the basis of GNP. The reason is that the GNP only takes into account progress, but not the social and environmental costs associated with this progress. Therefore, a new indicator is desirable: GNH. According to this indicator social, economic and environmental well-being are inextricably linked. In a country that scores well on all these aspects, people are happier than with only a high GDP.
So how can we increase happiness in our life, and in the life of our children? One way is to explore, share time together and have fun. And where better to do this than outside, in nature?
To inspire you, and of course, stimulate you to increase your whole families happiness, I’ve compiled a list of 50 activities that you can explore, fun guaranteed!

  1. 20160702_193112-1-1-1Digging for a treasure on the beach
  2. Baking mud pies
  3. Building a small dam
  4. Jump in a pile of (dry) autumn leaves
  5. Riding a sled
  6. Burrow someone in the sand until only the head sticks out.
  7. Make friends with an animal
  8. Climbing a tree
  9. Rolling down a hill
  10. Camping in the wild
  11. Make a pot with worms and sand and watch them dig their tubes
  12. love-love-loveBuild a cabin in the woods
  13. Bounce a stone on the water
  14. Running in the rain
  15. Make your own perfume from rose leaves
  16. Flying a kite
  17. Fishing with a net
  18. Eat an apple direct from a tree
  19. Playing and being creative with chestnuts
  20. Snowball fight
  21. Climb and explore a fallen tree
  22. brueckeSwing on a rope
  23. Rolling in the mud
  24. Picking Blackberries
  25. Looking up a tree and see the leaves, birds, buggers….
  26. Visit an island
  27. Playing ‘flying’ in the wind
  28. Whistle on a straw
  29. Spotting figures and animals in the clouds
  30. Jumping in a big puddle after the rain
  31. Search for fossils and bones
  32. Watch the sun rise
  33. Climb a big hill
  34. Jump over (or in) a real ditch
  35. andorfranceCrawl behind a waterfall
  36. Feed a bird from your hand
  37. Wildlife Tracking
  38. Discover life in a lake
  39. Imitate an owl call
  40. Discover the remarkable animals in a beach pool
  41. Rear a butterfly
  42. Hike on a nature trail – at night
  43. Plant it, let it grow, eat it
  44. Swimming in the wild
  45. Making a fire without matches
  46. Find your way with map and compass
  47. Rock Climbing
  48. Cooking on a campfire
  49. Find a geocache
  50. Canoe on a river

When I compiled this list I immediately started to plan my next fun outdoor activities!

    • Which activity have you added to your ‘wish list’ for the coming week?
    • Which activity have you already done? And when was the last time that you did it?

What would you like to do next with your kids? Choose 3 activities.
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