Top 5 must-knows about de-stressing your life as a highly sensitive person (HSP)

Are-you-high-sensitive-and-looking-for-elegant-ways-to-de-stress-your-life?Read-this-article,-find-out-about-simple-adaptations-and-share-your-own!Survival secrets for a relaxed and fulfilling life

I’ve written about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) on this blog for a year and a half now, and each time I’m surprised and grateful for the genuine interest with which people contact me about HSP. The massive interests in HSP at the most unexpected places – the supermarket, school of my children – my sport studio! – is an enormous motivation for me to carry on spreading the word; Yes, as a HSP you might see and sense things around you – and within you – differently, but please, by all means: carry on doing so! We need every sensitive and aware person we can get to help making this world a more innovative, creative and peaceful place.

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The pitfall of over-adaptation: why to stop it and how

overadaptationLately, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who find it challenging to stand up for themselves, not only during the Christmas season. They find themselves in situations where they would like to react more according to their own wishes.

Although this ‘risk’ might be particularly high for (high) sensitive persons, everybody finds him or herself confronted with a challenging choice sometimes: be true to yourself or keep the peace?

Here’s why to stop over-adaptation –  and how!

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Ja, ik geef persoonlijke groei cadeau


Heb je plannen om de kerstdagen door te brengen met geliefden, familie en vrienden? Wil je ze graag verrassen met een leuk cadeau? Geef dan eens iets anders dan een standaard doos bonbons, een nieuwe stropdas of gewoon geld. Geef eens een ervaring!

Een ervaring is uniek en persoonlijk, je kunt het niet kwijt raken en het is ook duurzaam. En ook belangrijk: een ervaring kan je leven een beslissende draai geven in de richting die jij op wilt.

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