Everyone is somehow affected by spreading of the Corona virus. We can easily become anxious and uneasy in the face of the new global challenges.
Although it is not easy for many of us to remain hopeful and positive it is more than worth it.
Because your feelings and emotions have a strong and direct effect on your immune system.
Mind you: we humans are not helpless victims.
Discover a lot about your own immune system and how to keep it strong and resilient in this post.

How perception affects the immune system

1) A study examined how the perception of their environment affected the health of the test subjects.

– In the study, students were asked to watch a movie about Mother Teresa’s activities.

– Before and after watching the movie, the concentration of a specific protein (IgA) that helps protect the body against infection was measured.

– In approximately 92 % of the students higher concentrations of the protein were measured after they had watched the film than before; their immune system was positively affected.

– In the remaining approximately 8 percent of the students, lower concentrations of IgA were measured after watching the movie.

2) The test subjects were then asked to look at a photograph of a couple sitting next to each other on a bench; the shot was taken from behind.

– Test persons with increased IgA concentrations associated the image with pleasant, positive events such as marriage proposal and being in love.

– The group with a reduced IgA concentration, however, associated mistrust, manipulation and abandonment with the same photograph; they interpreted everything negatively.

3) The test persons with lower immune system function (as shown by lower IgA concentrations) were the same group who also reported the most sick leave during the previous year.
The researchers conclude that perception is closely linked to the immune system!
So how you perceive your circumstances, personal situation affects how strong your immune system is and how much you can enjoy everything you see around you.

Did you know this?

If you direct your thoughts so that you feel comfortable, safe and trust yourself, it will support your immune system and help you deal with stress and pathogens from the outside.
Allowing your thoughts to succumb to disaster scenarios, anxiety, and thinking in limitations is more likely to weaken your immune system than to perform its innate role to the best of it’s ability.

Fascinating, right?
How do you feel about this connection between health and feeling?

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(Guarneri, 2012)