These are strange times and I am so grateful and a bit surprised that we as humanity reconnected so fantastically just NOW. NOW that the world is facing a challenge that cannot be solved with conventional thinking or doing.
We are all challenged and invited to use our creativity again and develop new solutions, naturally I have been thinking about the role I can play in this development.

And I decided that it is to help as many people as possible to stay healthy.

50% discount on distance healing

So my contribution is a 50% discount on all Reconnective Healing distance sessions until April 6th.
Normal price:
60 min: € 70 (including personal voice message afterwards). NOW € 35
30 min: € 40 (including personal voice message afterwards). NOW € 20

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a special form of healing that suits the hectic time that we as humanity are currently going through.
It is an effective way to reconnect with our own strength. It dissolves (energetic) blockages in the body, mind and soul and thus gives the self-healing powers of the body and real boost.
It also reduces stress and provides the body with deep relaxation. In short, it refines the healthy relationship with your inner self, stimulates your personal growth and allows you to regain your original strength.

My work is certified by the Norwegian Healer Association (Det Norske Healerforbund) since 2011.

Stay healthy and happy!

I will also offer a free distance healing session once a week! You can sign up for this or nominate someone else.
How exactly that will work I will post on my facebook site Anke Weber Smit Coaching & Ontwikkeling.

Client healing reports

>My bad eye, which had tormented me for days, suddenly relaxed and, above all, the rather strong pain was suddenly gone. Thank you so much<
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