In this article, I invite you to meet you inner guidance. Why? Because it’s the easiest and most natural source of knowledge about what’s good for you. It’s very easy access, always right and doesn’t cost a dime!
What I call inner guidance is sometimes also called “higher self”, “intuition” or “source”. These concepts may not be familiar to you, so I encourage you to just be open to the information I provide and that resonates with you. 

At the end of this article you’ll find a simple exercise to help you connect with your inner guidance.

We all are born with a blueprint of our life. Such a blueprint usually consists of:

• Specific lessons to be learned;
• Developing certain skills and qualities;
• Being meaningful to others;
• Learning to give and receive love, initially in your own unique way, ultimately more and more unconditionally and universally. Remembering that is what life on earth is all about.

Your inner guidance
Because when we are born we fall into oblivion and more or less forget that we are divine beings. Luckily a part of our soul remains in the light with full knowledge of their blueprint. Connecting with this “higher” part can guide the part that has forgotten during our life on earth, in this body.

Together they form a unity.

This union allows us to remain connected to our own inner truth, no matter how much we have forgotten.

Your inner guide has full access to all knowledge and information in your blueprint and your purpose here on earth. Therefore, your inner guide is the most qualified guide for you on your path that anyone can ever have.

Learning to connect with this part of yourself allows you to calmly and confidently move forward in your life for the rest of your days.

Your inner guide is the most intimate part of yourself, it is light and all-knowing and it’s ‘location’ is both “high” in the sky or right inside your heart.

Contacting with your inner guide
Your inner guide represents your highest vibrations (light and love). Therefore, anything that brings you into these states of higher vibration also brings you closer to your higher self. You can think of anything that makes you feel good, adds quality to your life, evokes love or that you are grateful for. In these moments you lift yourself up in light and love and your connection with your higher self becomes stronger and purer.

You don’t have to have regular conversations with your inner guide to really connect with it. It’s always there and always will be, you just need to ask it and it will advise you accurately and trustworthy.

Why it can be difficult to ask for guidance?
Your current difficulties are usually a reflection of painful past experiences that you have not been able to fully process. Part of your pain may be feeling abandoned (“I’m all alone”, “No one will help me”). This inner loneliness gets in the way of asking for help. Or rather: the illusion of loneliness. You can feel so lost that it might not even cross your  mind that help is abundantly available to you, wherever you are, whenever.

Also, during traumatic situations in the past you may have (partly) renounced your ow inner power. From within this impotence it is difficult to ask any question and trust the answer. Luckily you can reclaim your inner power right here and now by simply allowing it back into your life.

Too good to be true
You may ask yourself: Do I really have a higher self? According to several old traditions and religions you will always remain connected to your inner guide,  even if you forget about it. Recent scientific discoveries also confirm that you are connected to everything and everyone in the universe through the electromagnetic field of your heart.

Let’s pretend the appealing idea of an inner guide is not validated by data. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use it.

Why? Because your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what’s real and what is imagination. For example, think of your favourite meal. Picture it’s smell, how you chew it and how tasty it is. In no time extra saliva will be running into your mouth. Yet in reality there is no meal.

The physical world reacts immediately, even if the idea itself is not true (nocebo effect).

Anything that increases your vibration brings you in closer contact with your inner guide (higher self)

You can ask your inner guide easily and ask for advice and help for the next step in your life.

In order to contact your inner guide you don’t need to learn much. You can already do it. Trust in the idea that it is there and believe in their unlimited knowledge and wisdom. The higher your vibration (if you feel happy, at peace, of gratitude) the easier it is to get in touch with your inner guide and mobilize it’s power in your life.

Answers from your inner guide come to you in a unique way that suits you. They can manifest in the form of knowingness, as coincidences that appear in your path, dreams and creative ideas that feel very right to you.


  • Think of a question you want answered
  • Slow down your breathing a bit. Breathe in during ca. 5 seconds, and out again, equally slowly
  • Put your hand on your heart
  • Think about something or someone in your life that makes you feel really good. It can also be a moment or period in your life when you were very happy.
  • Take a few slow breaths to bring this person or memory to life. Imagine the happiness, love and ease that you felt.
  • Ask a question that is important to you.
  • Listen to the answer. You may get it high above your head or deep in your heart.
  • It’s perfect. Let it sink in.


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