Top 5 must-knows about de-stressing your life as a highly sensitive person (HSP)

Are-you-high-sensitive-and-looking-for-elegant-ways-to-de-stress-your-life?Read-this-article,-find-out-about-simple-adaptations-and-share-your-own!Survival secrets for a relaxed and fulfilling life

I’ve written about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) on this blog for a year and a half now, and each time I’m surprised and grateful for the genuine interest with which people contact me about HSP. The massive interests in HSP at the most unexpected places – the supermarket, school of my children – my sport studio! – is an enormous motivation for me to carry on spreading the word; Yes, as a HSP you might see and sense things around you – and within you – differently, but please, by all means: carry on doing so! We need every sensitive and aware person we can get to help making this world a more innovative, creative and peaceful place.

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The power of imagination for personal success according to Dr Anke Weber Smit (an interview).


Looking for something inspiring and ‘useful’ to fill your holiday hours with?

Try imagination and visualization!

It may even help you to succeed better in your personal and / or professional life.

Want some tips, experiences and a kick-start?

Read more in my interview here.

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8 forms of giftedness – and you can be highly gifted in any of them

HSP-8 forms intelligenceIn my last 3 blogs you could read about similarities between (high)sensitivity and giftedness. Both qualities exhibit some astonishing resemblances, face similar challenges in society and may have a hard time to ‘don’t worry, be happy’.

What also caught my attention is the fact that giftedness (or high intelligence) is a very broad field and that you can be gifted in different ways. This surprised me, in a way, and strongly reminded me of the diversity in characteristics that can be found in high sensitivity, too.

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Interview over kracht van de gedachte en verbeelding als een factor voor persoonlijk succes

ANke-InterviewIk ben uitgenodigd voor een interview door een mede-auteur en internationale inspirerende spreker, Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix. Het interview gaat over gedachtekracht in relatie tot het succes van individuen in het leven.

Ik ben zo dankbaar dat de kans krijg om mijn ervaring over de kracht van de gedachten en de verbeelding op deze manier te mogen delen!

Hier een paar de vragen waar ik een antwoord op probeer te geven:

-> Waar staat verbeelding in relatie tot het succes van individuen in het leven?

->  Kinderen hebben geen problemen om hun verbeelding te gebruiken. Maar als ze volwassen worden, lijken ze deze vaardigheid helaas te ontgroeien. Wat denk je dat volwassenen verkeerd doen en hoe kunnen we dit oplossen?

->  Is fantasie krachtig hetzij voor goed of kwaad?

Lees het interview hier.


10 alarming challenges of society for both (high) sensitive and (highly) gifted persons

HSP-HighlyGifted-Common-4When researching happiness in HSP for my book ‘Expedition Highsensitivity’, I was thrilled to discover that (high) sensitive (HS) people have many personality traits in common with (highly) gifted (HG) people. Some of these trait combinations can set either ‘group’ apart from society. Particularly specific combinations of traits than lead to, for example, ‘awkward’ social situations or psychic abilities can be challenging for gifted or sensitive people.


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