Practical, hands-on courses to improve yourself and deepen your (self)healing capacity.

Many people have asked me to combine my knowledge about (self) healing and resilience in a hands-on course. Finally I’ve found the time to sit down and do just that!
The result were 2 beautiful courses which kickstart you on your path to strengthen your self-knowledge and improve your natural ability to heal yourself and help others.

I’m so excited to share this with you. You will learn theory and practice parallel, each lesion consisting of theory and a practical exercise. And instead of just handing out a magnificent certificate of attendance at the end (which you can still receive anyway) I invite you right from the start to really put yourself out there and practice doing the work!

Enjoy finding out more about yourself, shedding light on forgotten memories and feeling your mood and health improve.

Together we will learn and grow further to become our best, healthiest and happiest selves. So that we can serve as beacons of light and inspirations to others around us. And help them to reach their highest potential.

Course 1: Understand and improve yourself on a deeper level (6 weeks)

No matter how much theory you have learned, if you don’t apply it, your life will continue exactly as it always has, regardless of all that theoretical knowledge. It is important that you put the theory into practice.

Study time indication per week: 60-90 min.
Start: 1 February and 22 March
Price: € 99,- (incl. BTW)
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Course 2: Healing workshop: Awaken your (self-)healing power (8 weeks)

Welcome to this journey of finding out more about your power to heal yourself and others in ways that now might seem way out there.

And if you think that you might not be gifted – smart – tall – patient or strong enough to do this don’t worry. Because you are.

Because you already have the ability to do this although you are not yet (fully) aware of it.

Facilitating a healing is the result of working with the healing energy that is present everywhere. In this workshop we explore together how to access this consciousness energy. You learn how to work with it and are encouraged to practice, ask questions, share experiences and of course : practice practice practice.

You learn how to work in someone’s energy field, how to feel and recognize the areas that ‘need work’ and to interpret the sensations that you might experience during the process.

Once you are comfortable you will also be invited to give distance healings, so you don’t have to be in the same room or even the same country as the person you are working with.

Once you become more experienced, you will notice that working with the energy also transforms ‘old patterns’ in yourself and aids the evolution of your consciousness.

The course will start and finish with an online meeting that you can attend.

Study time indication per week: 60-90 min.
Start: 15 February and  12 April
Price: € 120,- (incl. BTW)
Yes, I want to awaken my self-healing power and join course 2

If both courses interest you, why not take them both? Sign up now and I can give you a 10% discount.

For whom?

This course is suitable for everyone, both “beginners and advanced”, there is no prior education or “special sensitivity” required.

The workshops and exercises are “down to earth” and stripped of fuss and rituals. It is mainly about experiencing and feeling the energy, based on the experience of that moment you work with the energy, without further interpretation, without judgment, without movement in yourself, without interacting.


The course will start and finish with an online meeting that you can attend.

Every week you will receive the material for the week on Monday morning to study and practice in your own time.