50 fun outdoor things to do (with your kids)

tinusWe are moving towards very interesting times. In Bhutan, already the Gross National Happiness (GNH) is considered more important that the Gross National Product (GNP). Now I found out that according to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon the time has come that we no longer measure success only on the basis of GNP. The reason is that the GNP only takes into account progress, but not the social and environmental costs associated with this progress. Therefore, a new indicator is desirable: GNH. According to this indicator social, economic and environmental well-being are inextricably linked. In a country that scores well on all these aspects, people are happier than with only a high GDP.

So how can we increase happiness in our life, and in the life of our children? One way is to explore, share time together and have fun. And where better to do this than outside, in nature?

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Dit wekend: Geluksroute in Leiden!

geluksroute071_2016Heb je dit wekend nog niets en zin in iets nieuws?

Wil je met de kids erop uit maar niet te veel uitgeven?

Verlang je naar inspiratie en een kleine reis in je eigen stad?

Je hebt geluk! Dat alles kan dit wekend tijdens de jubileum editie van de Geluksroute Leiden!

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10 reasons why being trendy is a piece of cake for (high) sensitive persons

During my research about (high) sensitivity I came to understand that may of the qualities of (high) sensitive people are cut out for embracing today’s most cutting edge trends – without even making an effort! That’s when the idea came to me to share this connection between ‘trendiness’ and ‘(high) sensitivity with you.

  • Are you interested in trends?
  • Do you know which trends are ‘hot’ at the moment?
  • Or do you even care about being trendy?

visionarykI certainly never cared about any of the above.

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