HSP boek rainbow kidWelcome! I am pleased to announce that my new book, ‘Ontdekkingsreis Hoogsensitiviteit’ (Expetition High Sensitivity) will be published soon!
With this book, I want to provide more insight as to what (high) sensitivity (HS) is and what it is not. Instead of a comprehensive expert book, I present to you a practical and accessible guide for (high) sensitive people (HSPs) including how to learn to enjoy (high) sensitivity. I am not talking about the latest theories and scientific studies of this moment (although some will be discussed). I’d rather inspire you to start your own self-examination and gain a deeper appreciation of who you are.
I’ve included, questions to ask yourself, lists, tables, figures and text boxes for more detailed information. Last, but not least, I share experiences of ‘real people’ with you to lighten up the reading process and inspire your journey.
Included are chapters on body-mind interaction, health and wellbeing, society and relationships, self-management and work and child and education. As a rounding up I take a leap forward and share a the role I see for (high) sensitive people in the future. And if you are interested in: find out about my current ‘projects’ for putting my own sensitivity to use.
Want to participate? I am looking for HSP’ers who want to share their professional life with me by filling in the straight-forward, 9-questions-only survey  ‘High Sensitive Professionals’ for me. I will use the information to shed more light on what HSP’ ers actually DO in their work life, instead of sticking to the widspread guesses of what they ‘COULD do. But data in this area is very scarce. Which is why I’m collecting it myself.
Take the survey here!
Find more information about the survey here  – and don’t forget to add contact details in the last survey field, if you want to qualify for winning the book!
‘Ontdekkingsreis Hoogsensitiviteit’ will be published on the HSP congress in Bussum (NL) on October 13th.
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Are people highly gifted?’ Find out on the HSP congress in The Netherlands, 13 October! Here’s how you save 10% on your registration.  I will launch my book, a practical guide and travel report on HSP on this congress!
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