Science dilemma

Maybe you feel just like our genius from last week. You work until you have developed a machine or technique that is able to take you one step further than what your bare eye can see, like a microscope. Yet what if you DIDN’t know that such an instrument as the...

Happy 2015!!

I would like to wish you a wonderful year with lots of opportunities to grow, learn and marvel. May it be a peaceful and healthy year for you as well. Maybe you wonder as I tend to do, about what a year lies ahead of you. Will it be a good one? Will I be able to...

Freek Vonk: Phenomenon or problem child?

For the first time in my life, I bought a TV guide. Do you want to know why? Simple: because it featured Freek Vonk. Vonk is currently a rather famous Dutch (TV) biologist. He is specialized in snakes and conducts research into new drugs that can be made from snake...

What's up Wednesday: regular feature starting this week

The site is online, now I can focus on posting about subjects that I hope will inspire you. The first REGULAR is the WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY (=   Every Wednesday I will introduce a more or less well - known person that stands out by what (s)he is doing, and how. This...

Official presentation of the 'Oegstgeester kookboek'

In this original cooking book, 35 recepies from people living in Oegstgeest (The Netherlands) were collected. The participants previously demonstrated their chef-abilities during the interactive event 'Proverij' in September, where the delicious dishes could be...

Welcome to my new website!

I'm excited to create this new site, and include all recent developments and activities. And that have been a few since I first started my company in 2010 (=    

What is a HSP (high sensitive person)? 12 quick answers

Many people who know about HSP come and ask me for tips about living with their sensitivity. Or they ask for help to increase their energy level, decrease the amount of stimuli they take in or for assistance in exploring the up-side of this characteristic. 
But people who have never heard of HSP give me a surprised glare when I mention what the book I’ve been writing is about.
It is for them that I compiled some concise answers to commonly asked questions to satisfy their curiosity.

You are high sensitive yourself? Read more

Blog overview:

Ik geef ook korte introducties en trainingen waarin je meer over de aard, kracht en mogelijke valkuilen van (hoog) gevoeligheid leert en hoe je ermee om kunt gaan. Want (hoog)gevoelig zijn betekend absoluut niet dat je een buitenbeentje bent en niet mee kunt doen in een maatschappij zoals we die momenteel hebben. Geïnteresseerd? Bel of mail mij of volg mijn blog, waar ik deze trainingen aankondig, of kijk in de agenda.